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Specialist Leaders in Education : Directory

Adele Clayton

Eden Park Primary School Academy


Specialism(s): Leadership of Curriculum


Adele Clayton is an Assistant Head teacher at Eden Park Primary Academy where she has worked for the past 10 years, teaching all ages from Year 2 upwards. Most recently, her role has taken her out of the classroom to further develop and improve Early Years provision which includes both a two and three year old Nursery.


Over the past years, Adele has led the development of the school's bespoke curriculum which Ofsted found to be innovative, inspiring and standards driven. Adele has worked with staff to ensure the curriculum evokes passion and enthusiasm and provides experiences and opportunities that will allow children to flourish both personally and academically. Adele has also created opportunities for learning to continue beyond the classroom in a range of enrichments, which have allowed pupils to follow their interests and learn valuable life skills.


Adele very much looks forward to supporting colleagues on their journey of improvement to include designing and moulding learning opportunities that develop curious, happy and confident learners.


Hannah Wilkinson

Kings Ash Academy


Specialism(s): Early Years; ITT/NQT Development


Hannah Wilkinson joined the SLE team last year with an Early Years specialty. Hannah started her Teaching career in Plymouth at an ‘Outstanding’ school. She has been working in Torbay for two years as an Assistant Headteacher responsible for Early Years, KS1 and Teaching and Learning at Kings Ash Academy.


She has successfully moved the EYFS from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’ in twelve months and doubled the GLD in an academic year. Hannah also oversees the 2 & 3 year old Nurseries at Kings Ash Academy which is regularly visited by other settings as an example of good practice. She currently works alongside Torbay Early Years providing support to Nursery settings as an advisor and leads a successful Early Years network in Paignton developing practice and providing CPD opportunities.


Hannah looks forward to the opportunity to develop leadership skills and practice in Early Years by supporting leaders to ensure every child reaches their potential through providing exciting and enriching learning opportunities.


Shaun Cox

Oldway Primary School


Specialism(s): Mathematics


Shaun started his career within primary education 4 years ago at Honiton Primary School in Devon, where he was maths subject leader and NQT mentor. During this time, he collaborated with other leaders as part of the ‘NCETM Teaching for Mastery research group and developed the ‘Learning without limits’ philosophy across KS2. ​ He was fortunate enough to have a maths specialist role where​ he enjoyed exploring how best to support learners achieve in maths, improve fluency and develop a more secure understanding of depth. Shaun has benefited greatly by being able to observe and unpick lessons from the Shanghai maths mastery programme as well as conferences led by specialists in the field of maths such as Mike Askew and Debbie Morgan.
Shaun has recently moved to his current school, Oldway Primary (Paignton), in September 2017 where he has been made to feel very welcome. Currently teaching in Year 6, he continues to embrace the challenges and wonders that learners at the top of the school present. At Oldway, Shaun will be a respected member of the maths teaching and learning team and will be able to provide valuable experience and knowledge.
Shaun very much enjoys collaborative styles of learning and leadership. He feels passionate about furthering good practice and finding solutions together. Coaching and mentoring others to build on their leading capacity is a particular aspect of education which resonates strongly with him.


  Hannah Dillon

  Roselands Primary School


  Specialism:  Early Years Foundation Stage


Hannah is the SENDCO and EYFS Teacher at Roselands Primary School where she has worked for eight years since starting as an NQT.


Over the past two years, she has worked with the Local Authority as an EYFS Moderator which has allowed lots of opportunities to support and share best practice with EYFS leads and teachers across Torbay. This role, combined with the responsibility of her SENDCO position, has helped to develop Hannah’s leadership skills and she is looking forward to the new challenge of an SLE role.


Hannah is very passionate about developing high quality Early Years provision and creating independent, enthusiastic young learners. She is very excited at the prospect of helping other professionals develop their skills and aiding them in their journey towards creating the best possible outcomes for the children in their settings.


Chris Hallett

Cockington Primary School


Specialism(s): Maths; Assessment


Chris Hallett began his career at St Marychurch Primary, Torquay (2007). In 2012, he moved to Eden Park Primary, Brixham to take up post as Maths Subject lead and eventually Year 5/6 team leader.

Chris then joined Preston Primary School, Paignton in 2014, after it had suffered a dip in results and has benefited from the learning experience of helping to secure a “Good” judgement in its next Ofsted inspection. Chris was a key member of the maths team, and held team leader roles in Y5/6 and Y3/4.

Chris is now Assistant Headteacher at Cockington Primary School and has further developed his leadership skills during this journey of rapid school improvement by taking responsibility for Standards and Progress, Assessment and Maths. In addition to his leadership role in school, Chris has completed the NPQSL programme and the MaST (Mathematics Specialist Teacher) course.

Chris wants to build on his leadership skills and improve key aspects of his personal and professional practice in order to develop effective leadership in others around him.

Jess Hunter

Paignton Community & Sports Academy


Specialism:  CPD with Drama/English/Music/ITT (SECONDARY)


Jessica has whole school responsibility for Teaching & Learning including staff development.


A consistently Outstanding practitioner in English, Drama and Music, she achieved Advanced Skills Teacher status early in her career, and has now been the Academy’s Leading Practitioner overseeing Teaching and Learning for five years.


Responsible for driving a wide range of initiatives, Jessica has implemented a culture for change and improvement over time and is keen to support colleagues and leaders in a range of settings. Of the programme for staff improvement and CPD, Ofsted said The quality of teaching, learning and assessment has improved rapidly in the last two years. Teachers feel valued and are well motivated. The school provides many opportunities for coaching and mentoring. This leads to improved accuracy in assessment judgements through joint moderation activities. Newly qualified teachers in particular appreciate the training that is provided for them.”


Successful projects for improvement, which Jessica has embedded at PCSA, are now growing across a range of settings. They include:


¨ Bespoke Professional Learning – Evaluating the impact of staff development

¨ Open Door Week – Dispelling the myths of observation and sharing practice

¨ Learning Dialogue – Talking about teaching

¨ Action Research - Supporting whole school priorities whilst developing future leaders

¨ Support Mentoring – accountability for staff Requiring Improvement

¨ Peer Programme – The journey from Good to Outstanding

¨ Effective Feedback – Giving staff ownership of their goals

¨ Telling Tales Festival – Literacy through creativity


Sarah Jarrett

White Rock Primary School


Specialism(s): Mathematics; Phonics


Sarah Jarrett began her career at Shiphay Learning Academy, Torquay. In 2008 she moved to Hazeldown Primary, Teignmouth to take up post as KS1 leader with additional responsibility for Phonics, Thrive, and Emotional well-being.


Sarah then joined the leadership team at White Rock School, Paignton (2014) after it had been placed in “Special measures” by Ofsted and has benefited from the learning experience of helping to secure a “Good” judgement within a year.
Sarah is now Deputy Headteacher and has further developed her leadership skills during this journey of rapid school improvement by taking responsibility for Phonics, Reading, Maths and has led both KS1 and KS2 within the school. In addition to her leadership role in school, Sarah has completed the NCSL Middle Leaders programme and is an experienced mentor for ITT. She is a member of the Torbay Mathematics Action Research group.


Sarah wants to build on her leadership skills and improve key aspects of her personal and professional practice in order to develop effective leadership in others around her. She is keen to develop further through outreach work with leaders in other schools.


Emma King

Eden Park Primary School Academy


Specialism(s): Assessment; Leadership of Continuing Professional Development


Emma has been teaching across the primary age range for almost twenty years. She is currently Assistant Head at Eden Park Primary School in Brixham where she leads on Standards and Progress, Teaching and Learning, English and CPD. As part of Coast Academies, she also supports leadership and teachers in other schools. She is a trained coach and holds the NPQSL.
The last few years have been a time of unprecedented change in primary assessment which has given us the opportunity to put learning and progress at the heart of our assessment strategies. At Eden Park, Emma has led on a complete review of the purpose of assessment and the design of a new curriculum.


In CPD, she leads a practice-based programme which uses Joint Practice Development and coaching approaches to support staff in their professional development.


Kate Lee

Shiphay Learning Academy


Specialism(s): Leadership of curriculum; Mathematics; ITT development


Kate Lee is Deputy Headteacher, Data Manager and Lead Practitioner for Mathematics at Shiphay Learning Academy. In addition to her experience at Shiphay, Kate has successfully supported the development of Mathematics in a number of schools in Torbay through the National Support School programme. This has involved her working alongside leadership teams, Maths subject leaders and classroom practitioners to develop outstanding practice. Kate has recently been appointed as a Maths Mastery Specialist Teacher.
In addition to her subject leadership and Mathematics experience, Kate has been the South-West Regional Co-ordinator for Nottingham University’s National SCITT programme and the Lead Mentor for Brighton University’s Troops for Teachers programme.


Jeanne-Marie Marcham

Brixham College


Specialism: PSHE (SECONDARY)


Jeanne Marcham is currently the 'Success in life' faculty leader and teacher of English at Brixham College. This faculty contains PSHE, Citizenship, British Values, SMSC, E-Safety, RSE, CSE, Flexible Learning Days as well as Careers & Enterprise. 

Jeanne has developed a progressive, premeditated and comprehensive curriculum which has a multi-focal delivery system incorporating the Pastoral timetable, Flexible Learning days and curriculum timetable as well as other one off events. Previously, Jeanne was a Head of Year and Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead in Crawley, West Sussex.

Kimberley Mason

Shiphay Learning Academy


Specialism(s): Leadership of curriculum; PSHE; RSHE; SMSC; British Values; RE; English; ITT; NQT.
Kim began her teaching career six years ago in Torbay and early in her teaching career developed a passion for understanding pupils' development and how to best support this. Kim is very interested in understanding the impact pupil development has on academic performance and also how STEM subjects can be promoted within the context of SMSC, PSHE and RSHE. Kim has worked with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Schools and Academy Trusts to develop SMSC opportunities and to enhance PSHE and RSHE teaching, learning and leadership. 
Kim has created and developed a Subject Leader network with TTSA which supports SMSC, PSHE and RSHE Subject Leaders in developing their leadership skills in these areas, whilst also ensuring national updates are consistently communicated with high expectations and there are regular opportunities to further develop teaching and learning approaches in these areas.
In addition to this, Kim has worked with the Torbay Healthy Learning project to create and develop a progressive, spiral-curriculum for PSHE. This curriculum covers all of the statutory and non-statutory aspects of guidance at Primary Schools and provides lesson ideas for each half-term in every year group in Key Stages One and Two. 
Kim has also been the South West Project Lead in the National DfE RSHE CPD initiative supporting schools in implementing the statutory RSHE guidance. Kim has coached and mentored schools across the South West in understanding the Statutory Guidance and how to implement this within school. Through this project, Kim recruited, trained and supported a team of mentors who guided schools in the implementation of the guidance within their own schools. Following the CPD for schools, 100% of schools rated the CPD they had received as being high quality and this was disseminated to over 2000 school staff in the South West. Throughout this DfE initiative, Kim has also had her training materials and resources shared and disseminated nationally by the DfE. 
In addition to her specialist areas of SMSC, PSHE and RSHE, Kim is an experienced English specialist and Subject Leader with particular expertise in coverage and progression mapping for both Reading and Writing. Kim is also experienced in mapping whole school curriculum coverage and planning whole school overviews for this. Kim is also experienced in mentoring and coaching members of staff at different points in their career. Kim has mentored ITT students, NQTs, RQTs and supported more experienced teachers in developing their practise. Kim also works closely with researchers and has had her work published with Race Equality Teaching. 


Deb Mawbey

Eden Park Primary School Academy


Specialism(s): SEN; Behaviour & Discipline: Attendance


Deb currently works at Eden Park Primary School, where she has been for 14 years. She has been in the profession for 27 years and a senior leader for 17.


During her time in education, she has worked in a wide variety of settings which have had the full diversity of need. She has been drawn to working with these vulnerable and disadvantaged children as she has wanted to strive to enable them to develop skills for lifelong learning however that might look for the child.


For the last four years she has run the Coast Pastoral team across the Eden Park and Preston sites and this has involved strategic leadership for SEN, safeguarding and attendance. She has led the team to develop successful strategies and their work is widely recognized as exemplary within the bay. Ofsted recently recognized the strengths, efficiency and determination within this team (June 2017).


She firmly believes that anything is possible: and that, you just need to start with the child and work backwards!


Sam Meyer

Oldway Primary School


Specialism(s): Initial Teacher Education; NQT Induction


Sam Meyer is Deputy Head, SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead at Oldway Primary School in Paignton. She also has responsibility for NQT Induction across Torbay - as NQT Lead through Torbay Teaching School Alliance’s role as Appropriate Body for NQT Induction for all Torbay NQTs - and as School Direct Lead in the Torbay Teaching School Alliance Primary PGCE programme, in partnership with Plymouth University.
Sam specialised in Early Years during her PGCE at Exeter University but her classroom practice has been mostly in Key Stage One and lower Key Stage Two. Her strengths lie in her inclusive classroom practice and ‘quality first teaching’. She has been supporting trainee teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers for 19 years, through modelling and demonstrations, team-teaching, coaching and mentoring. Her strong interpersonal skills, high expectations and encouraging style are a strength when supporting schools, NQTs and trainee teachers but she is also confident to challenge underperformance and is able to set clear targets for improvement and professional development


Zoe Milligan

Oldway Primary School


Specialism(s): English


Zoe Milligan began her career at Oldway Primary School as an NQT; she is currently Year 6 Lead in the same school. She has a passion for English and, early in her career, became English Subject Leader and worked as an English AST for Torbay LA.


Zoe is an experienced Specialist Leader of Education who has supported leadership teams across Torbay and Devon, in both primary and secondary schools, to develop English in line with school priorities. Zoe has benefitted from many opportunities to learn from specialists in the field of English, such as Pie Corbett and Alan Peat. Most recently, she has worked with Michael Walsh (King’s College, London) to develop the use of a cognitive acceleration programme (Let’s Think in English) across TTSA English Network schools.


Zoe has particular expertise in the assessment of English and is currently KS2 Lead Moderator/ Moderation Manager for Torbay LA.


Sarah Morrison

Curledge Street Academy


Specialism(s): SEND


Sarah Morrison’s varied educational career spans over 19 years. She worked as a class teacher and Key Stage One maths curriculum leader across a number of primary schools in Devon, before being appointed as Key Stage One leader. During this time, Sarah became passionate about supporting children with additional needs and studied for an MEd in the Psychology of Education at Bristol University. To broaden her experience, she has worked as a casework manager for Devon County Council’s SEND team and as an assistant educational psychologist for the Educational Psychology Service.


Sarah joined Curledge Street Academy in September 2017 as a full-time SENCO and member of the Senior Leadership Team. Since then, she has completed the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination at the University of Plymouth. Sarah is committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND, promoting an inclusive ethos and implementing robust, sustainable systems. She has delivered a range of CPD throughout her career to support teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs. She has a keen interest in supporting vulnerable children to overcome barriers to learning, creating an attachment aware culture within the school.

Lisa Redfern

Brixham College


Specialism:  English (SECONDARY)


Lisa Redfern has been a Head of English at Brixham College for nearly ten years. She has embedded strategies at KS3,    KS4 and KS5. She is responsible for the leadership and management of the faculty, outcomes of data and the Teaching  and Learning of English. She has implemented marking and    feedback strategies; closed gaps; developed enrichment  activities; coached and mentored staff; embedded targeted intervention at all stages and raised the profile of English across the school.

Also, during this time Lisa's leadership was shaped by her two SLT secondments: one conducting a whole school curriculum review which lead to the current government changes.  Then more recently becoming a 'More Able Champion' focusing on supporting and developing strategies for students whilst raising their profile across the school.

Prior to becoming a Head of English, Lisa was Head of House for two years where she fostered a house ethos and academic mentoring.


Debbie Weible

Oldway Primary School


Specialism: Mathematics


Debbie Weible is an experienced SLE with a maths specialism, having been maths subject leader at Oldway for the last 15 years. She is ‘NCETM Teaching for Mastery Lead’ for the Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub (CODE) and is involved in various national maths projects with NCETM.


In January 2013, Debbie was lucky enough to visit Shanghai as part of the England China Teacher Exchange, and in 2015 worked with a Chinese teacher at Oldway. Working with some of the best maths teachers in the world has deepened her understanding of maths teaching and learning and she is passionate about supporting teachers and leaders to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency.


In her role as Assistant Head, she is also responsible for assessment and is experienced in interrogating data to raise questions, highlight trends and set school priorities. Debbie has also been part of a national research project to investigate the power of Lesson Study as a tool for professional learning.



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